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About The Team


Meet Donnelle Chandler, CEO & Founder of SaveCash Financial

As the Founder of SaveCashFinancial, Donnelle Chandler holds multiple hats as he also serves as the founder and CEO of the parent company SaveCashClub. His work ethic, focus and leadership were first modeled by his parents through a nine-year span with the Cub & Boy Scouts. Through those experiences he begun to understand the importance of Servant Leadership, Personal and Team Development. Afterward high school, he recognized that he was not disciplined yet enough for college so he spent six years in the United Air Force wherewith he was able to begin his college journey within the studies of Business Administration. After graduation and earning an honorable discharge, Donnelle took those experiences and knowledge and transitioned them into a leadership role within a Top 100 Retail Company. After earning three leadership promotions within three years, he was recruited to a Top 50 Home Improvement Company where he was able to develop and lead various successful operational teams within the company nationwide. Even though he had seen success within the corporate realm, he still did not negate the spirit of entrepreneurship and how that specifically fits within his life scope.

Through a couple of half-hearted failures in self business ownership, Donnelle decided to not own a business predicated of what others envisioned for him but wanted to base his next business venture underpinned on the question; “What is my passion?”. With already knowing the importance of Servant Leadership and helping others, he wanted to internally draw on a consistent pain point in his life that would ultimately drive his inner passion which, after in-depth thought, resulted in his challenges with personal finance and which has become the purpose on how SaveCashClub and SaveCashFinancial was birthed.

Hobbies: Hanging out with daughters, reading books, watching professional sports, watching old western shows, supporting church, creating more business ideas.

Personal Goal: Assist daughters in creating wealth


Meet Valdomar Iglesias, Chief Operations Officer

Valdomar joined SaveCashClub in 2022 as our Chief Technology Officer and has propelled SaveCashClub forward in an intracule way. His expertise and vision have allowed us to be in the position to start SaveCashFinancial. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science and Business Technology. Under his leadership, he has launched Mobile, SharePoint and CRM Development Services.

Hobbies: Reading, Tennis, playing with kids and supporting church activities

Personal Goal: See his kids graduate from college

Meet Lizlo McCabe, Customer Relations Director

Lizlo joined SaveCashClub in 2022 as our Certified Financial Planner and leads the direction of our business strategy within the personal finance industry. But Lizlo, in a short timeframe, has also incorporated the new role of Customer Relations Director. With a Bachelor of Science and in Economics, she also became a Certified Financial Planner as well. She brings 19 years of financial and leadership experience to our team and is a bonafied “Go-Getter”.

Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, Fitness workouts, leading church activities, and telling jokes

Personal Goal: Continue to walk in her Purpose

Company Beliefs

Start Small

Good practice is start small – and so we did. We started working with small but serious clients, being a small but strong and focused team underlined the humble roots of SaveCashClub. And now, thanks to the unique vision of the CEO and owner, Donnelle Chandler, the company is encouraging to become of the top “Personal Finance Savings” Community in the United States by way of SaveCashFinancial. Moreover, as our company grows, our area of operations has been expanded towards providing more in-depth products for not only consumers but also businesses.

Work Hard

SaveCashFinancial is being built on the basis of integrity, open and transparent communication. It means we truly believe that our honest work ethic is the only way to be successful. Every day with every new project we always try not just to do our work – we follow the impeccable quality of not only results but customer satisfaction. Besides, SaveCashFinancial respects constructive criticism, so we are always open to new ideas and feedback from our clients – all of it can make us a better, stronger and a more capable company.

Honor your Values

Material wealth is fine but it’s important to remember the spiritual component of each service and product we develop. The love and pride of our values are the foundation of our companies. Our specified values are Trust, Accountability, Diversity and a strong sense of Passion. Thanks to our inner resolve, commitment, and consistent message, we continue to move in a forward direction.

Think Big

SaveCashFinancial is open to any aligned partnerships and very flexible in the relations with customers and partners. New projects, collaborations, and customer centric products that focuses on the positive financial development of consumers is very relatable within our everyday conversation. We welcome and are ready for it and always wait for a new request and/or call-back. Join our enthusiasm and make the business together!